LaSpina Renewed Image Salon

LaSpina Renewed Image
Salon is open Wednesday
through Saturday.

900 South Lake Blvd Suite 2
Mahopac, NY 10541
Entrance on Clark Place

Phone: 845.628.3439


Two Locations:
Mahopac & Tuckahoe
- For Cranial Prosthesis
- Solutions for Thin Hair
- Top of the Head Pieces
- Wigs

25 Main Street
Tuckahoe, NY 10707
Mezzanine Level

Phone: 914.419.6648

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Bella Health


"""If it's in the Plant, It's in the Bottle..."

Bella Health is committed to bringing you only the best herbal and homeopathic supplements and remedies possible. That's why we insist on using a special spagyric process for extraction whenever possible. It's a costly and time consuming process but we believe that whole plant synergy is the basis for a quality, potent product.

The most common and traditional extraction method is to percolate the plant like you would tea, then throw away the remaining plant material. This wastes trace minerals, and essential mineral salts that are locked in the cellulite of the plant. The spagyric process puts the plant through multiple extraction processes, then takes the remaining plant material and liquefies it. This unlocks the key minerals from the plant. Basically, it is a liquid plant in a bottle!

A sampling of what Bella Health offers:
Bella Health Products

The complete line of Bella Health products is aviable at LaSpina Renewed Image Salon. Come in and save yourself the shipping costs!

Bella Health