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Hair Replacement


Cosmetic Skin Graft

Non-surgical hair replacement has reached it's non-detection limits.  Technology that will never be surpassed, this revolutionary process is called cosmetic skin graft.  Simply put, non-surgical hair replacement that is invisible to the sight and touch.  A perfect answer to your hair loss problem.

Let's compare traditional hair replacement systems and the cosmetic skin graft process that surpasses even the most advanced surgical methods available today.

"" natural growing hair

Up until now, non-surgical hair replacement only offered different types of base materials, (screen like) fibers with hair vented or knotted into the fibers.  This type of hair replacement can look good, but the naturalness does not even come close to the cosmetic skin graft process.  This cosmetic skin graft process actually looks, feels, and acts like natural growing hair, guaranteed.  For the past few years, the hair replacement industry has added theatrical lace fronts connected to these base materials, to create a softer hair line.  This has improved the look of traditional hair systems dramatically, but the maintenance has become a problem for the client, and simply put, the realism does not come close to the cosmetic skin graft process.

Other advancements have taken place that simulate natural growing hair, but methods of attachment were not suitable for everyone.  Also, cosmetic skin graft can only be manufactured by one company, this means no replicas only the real thing.  cosmetic skin graft  is a layer of transparent skin, the thickness of a piece of paper.  After this layer of skin is constructed to the exact size and contour of the clients scalp, (balding area only), it is ready for graft implantation.  The highest quality hair available is then selected to match the clients hair, and the hair is grafted into the skin, one hair at a time.  No knots, no lumps, no bumps, just cosmetic grafts that simulate natural growing hair.


The Real Test

The real test, the true test will only come once you have had the opportunity...

To witness  cosmetic skin graft, first hand, the reality of the most advanced technology that will never be surpassed.  Seeing individual grafts that look exactly like natural growing hair no matter how close you look, 100% undetectable to sight.

To feel  cosmetic skin graft  in person, to come to grips with a non-surgical process that has no seams, no bumps, no lumps.  This means you and everyone else will not be able to detect the process by touch.

To experience  cosmetic skin graft, the freedom to change hair styles daily.  The reality of not caring if the wind is blowing, or if your hair is wet or dry, messy or styled.  All of this with the most minimal daily maintenance of any non-surgical hair replacement product available

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