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Hair Replacement - continued


Scalp Impression & Evaluation

To determine the actual size and contour of the skin graft, a precise mold will be taken of the area of reconstruction, (the areas where the hair is thinning or does not exist).  During mold impression, an evaluation of the natural hair growth pattern will be determined.  This allows the manufacturer to implant the hair into the skin, exactly as your hair once grew.  A small sample of your existing hair will be taken in order for the manufacturer to match your hair exactly for color, curl, and density.  This process makes an exact duplication of the characteristics of the client's scalp and existing hair.

The skin can be compared to a contact lens that sculpts to the shape of the client's scalp and the grafts can only be compared to natural growing hair.  Not even surgical grafts can compare to the naturalness.  The skin is so thin, no bump or ridge can be felt on the front hair line.   It allows you to function in a normal fashion again.  You will feel and look like you've never experienced hair loss.



Before the  cosmetic skin graft process is applied, all excess oils are removed from the fusion area.  The  cosmetic skin graft process is now ready for application.  The entire skin graft is applied with a technique called "microfusion".  This revolutionary application method creates a marriage between the cosmetic skin and your own scalp, completely eliminating any lumps, bumps, or ridges.  This method creates a gap free environment, eliminating any build up of heat or moisture.  This application technology allows the client to go virtually maintenance free for two to four weeks, with comfort that is unparalleled.


Even though the  cosmetic skin graft process has been constructed to the exact hair growth pattern you once had, it still is what we call muti-directional.  This means it can worn wet or dry.  It can be parted to the left, right or down the middle, or brush it straight back.  The technique in which the grafts are implanted gives the client multi-directional stylability.  This means any hair style is achievable.  With all of this, 100% non-detection has been achieved, giving the client extreme comfort and relentless security never before dreamed possible.

Visual Reality

The final finishes, the  cosmetic skin graft process, styled.  Giving the client the security , confidence, look and feel of a natural, full head of hair.


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