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Bio Energetic Testing & Earth Medicine

About Bear Walker

Bear Walker, a Holistic Practitioner has specialized in the Bio-Tracker computer system for over 25 years. The science of the Bio-Tracker machine is called Electrodermal. Electrodermal is utilization of the bodies G.S.R. (Galvanic Skin Response) markers to evaluate different systems of the body. This unparalleled computer checks 30 systems of the body and has the capability to test 35,000 more bits of information. Using this cutting edge system enables Bear to accurately identify imbalances in the human body and places him in a category all its own. By drawing on his ancient wisdom of treating the body as a whole (body, mind and spirit), and coupled with his tremendous incomparable knowledge plus recommending exclusive natural remedies makes Bear’s track record unsurpassed.

In 1996, Bear founded Earth Medicine Institute, teaching doctors and lay people in the United States; London, England; Vienna, Italy; Munich, Germany and around the world. Bear established teachings ranging from Cellular Biology, the eight systems of the body, to Medical Anthropology.

In addition to Bear’s wealth of knowledge in Alternative Medicine, he offers a heartfelt concern for his clients’ whole being, assisting in their growth physically but also emotionally, mentally and, of course, spiritually.

Sandra LaSpina is a holistic consultant who is available to answer any questions you may have about Bioenergetic testing and to perform the tests. Give us a call at 845.628.3439 to schedule an appointment.

Bear Walker on Healing Quest

Bear Walker & BioTracker

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